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    Welcomedear guests

    The first thing that will strike you is the hospitality.
    When you enter a local household in Hvar, the first thing that will strike you is the hospitality you will receive. Here on the island food is an expression of hospitality and has become a ritual in itself. We gather around a komin, a wood-fired oven in a separate room of a house, where fresh ingredients and catch of the day are combined into a delicious hearty meal.

    This art of sharing is deeply rooted in our culture; so much that it has inspired Ante Milicic, a fervent food enthusiast, to share this experience with the rest of the world. He decided to open up a place that would embody this domestic atmosphere and bring dishes to your table like the ones our mothers and grandmothers prepared for us.

    Whatdoes it mean?

    Ultimate Dining Experience like no other.
    Thus the name “Ko doma”, coming from the Croatian expression “like at home”.
    In “Ko doma” the idea is simple: we cook what we have that is fresh for the day.
    We chose to work only with seasonal ingredients that provide the best guarantee for freshness. Therefore, the ingredients are the ones that determine the menu.

    Every day we create a set menu of four courses, so that you get to taste many local specialties. The quality of our ingredients, authenticity of our recipes and the idyllic atmosphere that this restaurant has serve as a guarantee that this gastronomic journey is the one you’ll thoroughly enjoy.